Motorised Traverse for material sensors – for short setup time (February 2015)
The traverse of the BKS.TA series is characterized by its robust design and its precise positioning over the entire web width. The re-positioning of the sensor is comfortably controlled via the operating panel. Ease of operation and its maintenance free components save time during material changeover and reduce operating costs. The BKS.TA is available with strokes from 200 to 1000mm.

BKS 309.EIP The Web Guide Controller with EtherNet/IP-bus (October 2014)
An outstanding feature of the BKS 309.EIP web guide controller is its EtherNet/IP bus. This interface provides interconnectivity of the web guide to higher-level control systems. EtherNet/IP equipped web guides can easily be integrated with your existing in-house Ethernet network without additional investment.

FMS-webMASTER BKS 030 Web Guide – High Efficiency for Converting Lines. (October 2014)
The BKS 030 Steering Frames are characterized by their robust and simple construction. These web guides will increase with their advanced control electronics the processing speed and efficiency of your converting line. Suitable for web sizes from 500 to 1700 mm.

RTM X2.MP Radio Based Encoder Signal Transmission for Bow Type Stranding Machines (March 2014)
The newest member of the successful RTM family is characterized by its advanced interface concept. It enables closed loop control of drives, traverses and wire tension over a PLC. All control data is transmitted wirelessly from the rotating to the static portion of the machine.

CMGZ309.EIP The Tension Controller with EtherNet/IP-bus (November 2013)
The fast EtherNet/IP-bus of the CMGZ309.EIP enables real-time tension control via your in-house Ethernet network. This tension controller is optimised for precise close loop tension control in web processing machinery.

RMGZ200 Force Measuring Roller for stranding machines – immune against centrifugal forces. (October 2013)
The Force Measuring Rollers of the RMGZ200-series comprise a device for proper alignment of the sensor. Centrifugal effects can largely be eliminated. It’s an ideal product for high-speed stranding machines.

The EMGZ 490 Amplifier with the latest PROFINET Interface Technology (April 2013)
Making full use of the PROFINET RT features the EMGZ 490 amplifier can cope with very fast applications. Enhanced connectivity and real-time data processing over your PLC are additional advantages of this amplifier with integrated PROFINET interface.

A 203 Force Sensors, Plenty of Flexibility at an Attractive Price (March 2013)
A Force Measuring Sensor with compact design and straightforward mounting concept. It provides new options in machines with difficult installation conditions. As a package with the amplifier EMGZ 310 it forms in terms of measurement accuracy, flexibility and low system cost a hard to beat web tension monitoring solution.

EMGZ 310 digital Amplifiers, cutting-edge technology with maximum added value (March 2013)
This latest amplifier technology combines ease of use, clear value reading and cost efficiency in one product. In combination with the new sensor series A 203, we offer you a web tension monitoring solution that will improve your production processes with regards to quality, flexibility, and cost of ownership.

FMS’ Left/Right Amplifier with EtherNet/IP Bus (October 2012)
The successful tension measuring amplifier with separate left / right tension evaluation is now available with a built-in EtherNet/IP field bus. The EMGZ321.EIP-Series has obtained all necessary certifications. The fast data rates enable real time tension control over Ethernet.

RTM X42 - A Sophisticated Range of Wire Tension Measuring Solutions (March 2012)
FMS expands its tension monitoring program for stranding machines to include three new multi-channel systems. RTM X32 stands for the continuous acquisition of wire tension values, the processing thereof and the secure transmission from the rotating to the static machine part. Designed as a flexible multi-channel system, RTM X32 is primarily suitable for Cage or Tubular Stranders with up to 42 pay-off stations. Tension monitoring only or tension control via PLC are possible.